TiemPo 6400C mini
The small footprint GPS clock: 2RU, 8.5" wide.

Why a Mini-Version Clock?

Based on our popular 19-inch TiemPo 6400 platform, we have responded to your requests for a small footprint version utilizing the same antenna, management, output cards and alarm features. TiemPo 6400C features two output slots, offering a wide range of output signals. Most cards provide 8 outputs configurable by port for a range of output types. An inboard NTP server provides reliable, accurate time stamps via Ethernet.

TiemPo 6400C

Best in Class


  • - Ethernet internal web server GUI
  • - Ethernet Telnet TL1
  • - Serial TL1

Dual Power Connections

Discrete Alarm Connections

Dedicated Fuse Alarms

Mounting: Bottom arrangement or

19/23 Inch Rack

Wide range output types- hot swappable in field

Can mix 6400C and full 6400 chassis in same networks (comparison picture of both units below)

Can serve as mini-clock distributor (w/T1/E1/CC inputs) for remote use where larger clock is overkill.

Download the 6400C brochure here.