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Thermocouple Wire Lengths:

(Instructions: for single junctions probes use ZONE 1. For multi-junction probes, ZONE 1 is the longest, Zone 2 is next, through last zone is the shortest length. Dimension A is the wire length from the junction (bead) to the end of the insulating sleeve (Typically alumina ceramic). DIMENSION B is the wire length from the end of the insulating sleeve to the wire end (at the connector; including sufficient wire length to attach to connector).

Zone 1 Dimension A
Zone 2 Dimension A
Zone 3 Dimension A
Zone 4 Dimension A
Zone 5 Dimension A
Zone 1 Dimension B
Zone 2 Dimension B
Zone 3 Dimension B
Zone 4 Dimension B
Zone 5 Dimension B
Sleeve Type
Sleeve Type
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Insulator Sleeve Material
Insulator Other Details

Insulator Lengths - Flexible Profile

Specification of quantity and lengths of individual insulator sleeve components, and placement and dimensions of insets for each thermocouple junction are done via customer provided sample(s) and/or drawing(s). Estimated pricing does not require this detal. However, customer must provide a sample or drawing prior to final pricing or provision of completed flexible profile thermocouple assemblies.

Insulator Length

Non-Flexible Spike/Profile

(Enter insulator length for each zone and put an X next to correct units)

Note Inches or CM

Zone 1 Non-Flexible Spike-Profile
Zone 2 Non-Flexible Spike-Profile
Zone 3 Non-Flexible Spike-Profile
Zone 4 Non-Flexible Spike-Profile
Zone 5 Non-Flexible Spike-Profile
Enter N/A for information that does not apply

Quartz Dimension All Profile

Enter dimensions for quartz tubing, leave blank or

Specifiy Inches/CM

Quartz Outer Diameter
Quartz Inner Diameter
Quartz total Length
Quartz End Type
Quartz Connection Type
Enter N/A for information that does not apply

All Spike/Profile

Diameter of insulator holes for thermocuple wire

Note - specify inches/CM

Zone 1 All
Zone 2 All
Zone 3 All
Zone 4 All
Zone 5 All
Enter N/A for information that does not apply

Descriptive information for metal fitting between Insulator Sleeve and Connectors

Adapter Fittings Material
Adapter Fittings Outer Diameter
Adapter Fittings Inner Diameter
Adapter Fittings Total Length
Adapter Fittings Insulator to Elbow
Adapter Fittings Elbow Angle (in degrees)
Adapter Fittings End Taper Size (O,d) and Length

Enter N/A for information that does not apply

Insulator Outer Dimension - All Spike/Profile

Outer diameter of insulator. Zones 2-5 not applicable for spieks and flexible profile thermocouples

Special Adapter Information
Special Adapter Image

Furnace Information

Enter furnace manufacturer/model and generic process type where thermocouple will be used (e.g. diffusion, CVD, etc.)

Furnace Information
Furnace Drawings
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Calibration Temp Range
Calibration Temp Min (C)
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