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TesCom is pleased to announce our acquisition of Fluke Networks' Carrier Instruments and Field Test Systems

The following Fluke Networks assets have become part of Tescom's solutions and services as of January 2016

  • Carrier Field Test Instruments including the 990 CopperPro, Terminator, 635 QuickBert T1 and related accessories
  • Carrier Systems including the D9290 DaVaR and NetDSL systems, NetTech, and DaVaR NetServer management software
  • Centralized test systems including the AccessView Response Unit, Test Unit, Bus Unit and ExpressView Element Management Software suite

For more information select the applicable technology below:

990 CopperPro

Copper loop qualification tester

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635 QuickBert T1

Handheld T1 test set

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DaVar NetDSL

Network pre-qualification conditioning and records management system

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AccessView Remote DSL Testing

Meeting the challenges of migrating to next-generation services

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Test Equipment Calibration Accredited 17025 Lab

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Fluke Accessories

990 CopperPro, 635 QuickBert T1, DaVaR

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